MILLS - 50ML Eau de Parfum


7 reviews


Cruelty free

Made in Holland

Scent story

Windmills are many tourists' main reason to visit the Netherlands. Its majestic appearance and stories obviously make people want to visit them, and to take part of it home. Which up 'till now was impossible. That is why we developed our MILLS perfume. We wanted people to be able to bring home part of the windmills: Their scent.

Old, Dutch windmills have a wonderful smell.
Imagine old wood like oak, douglas and cedar. Combined with the smell of jute bags filled with whole and ground spices like clove, nutmeg, pepper, pimento and cinnamon, which used to be ground in these mills. Topped off with some tobacco from the millers' smoking pipe.
And there you go: MILLS.

I love it. An absolute hidden gem!

- Arber Cami

A truly delicious fragrance. I'm
getting a lot of compliments.

- Ria van Baak

Bold and powerful, but with a fresh edge

- L. van Calster