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creator of watches and perfumes

Joeri Hottentot

I do not only create perfumes but I actually also create sustainable watches under the brandname HOT&TOT.

I like to create products that come with a story. Or that might not even exist without the story. In these prosperous times in which anything can be made, or copied, there is a great demand for authentic experiences.

And scents are an incredible way to tell and experience a story.
I believe that scents and the olfactory system in general are highly underestimated means of communication. I can show you a photo of a windmill and you would probably like it. But I can also let you experience the scents of centuries of craftsmanship in that windmill, and it could bring a tear to your eye.

There is no way to beat the olfactory experience. My perfumes will give you this olfactory experience of the Dutch heritage.